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't Schop

't Schop a real Farm!

Almost a century ago grandfather van den Broek built the farm at the Esbeekseweg in Hilvarenbeek. In those days it was one of the many agricultural and stockraising farms in this area. Grandfather had a few dairy cows, pigs, chickens and a work horse but he also grew beets, potatoes and wheat. During the Second World War he baked bread for the whole neighbourhood.
’t Schop is a real working farm with cows, sheep, an orchard and a large vegetable garden but there is much more.
The horse stables have been transformed into a farm kitchen and where the high cart stood (the so called “’t Schop”), you can now buy tasty healthy organic produce. In the stables and barn, which were rebuilt to look like they did in the old days, you can organize your meetings and eat the delicious lunches or soupers you prepared yourself.

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Like our grandparents did in their day we too have lots of contact with people from all walks of life on the farm. We really enjoy being part of society.

‘t Schop   ·   Esbeekseweg 2   ·   5081 ED Hilvarenbeek   ·   Tel. 013-505 61 56   ·   Fax 013-505 62 96   ·   info@hetschop.nl